A Boy and His Dog
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Season Season One
Original Air-Date May 6, 2013
Written By Bill Balas
Directed By Ed Bianchi
Episode Chronology
Order in Season 8th of 10
Previous Episode "The Man in Number 9"
Next Episode "Underwater"
Title Image


Emma's father, Will, teaches Norman taxidermy after Norman takes his dead dog to him. Upon the school principal's request, Norma has Norman meet with a psychologist, who suggests Norma may have control issues over her son. Jake reveals to Norma that he knows the full story about Shelby and Summers; she kicks Jake out in retaliation. Dylan brings trimmers to stay at the motel; Norma decides to take Dylan out to dinner to thank him for bringing new customers, but is horrified to see the autopsied corpse of Shelby on her bed



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