California Charlie's
Psycho california charlie's
View from the Street
Only Appearance Psycho (1960)
Location California

California Charlie's was a used car lot in California. It was owned by California Charlie and also employed a Mechanic.

When Marion Crane stole $40,000 in Phoenix, Arizona and made a run for Fairvale, California, she was interrogated by a policeman, who wondered why Marion was sleeping in her car alongside the highway, which could have been the potential for an accident or a robbery. Although the police officer failed to notice the stolen cash, he had been concerned about Marion's furtive behavior. She then went into a town in California and traded in her car and paid $700 of the money stolen from Tom Cassidy to buy a new car with California tags. Marion then proceeded to Fairvale, eventually stopping at the Bates Motel. Her actions were for naught, because as the business deal was taking place, the used car lot was being cased by the same policeman who interrogated her, until the officer got a call of a road accident.


  • The exteriors were shot at 4270 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The street number can be seen as California Charlie walks Marion Crane to the lady's room. In a reverse shot, you can see the number 4269 on the building across the street.