Duane Duke
Psycho iii duane duke
Portrayed By Jeff Fahey
Appearance Psycho III
Cause of Death Drowned
Killed By Norman Bates

Duane Duke was a struggling musician. He was driving to Los Angeles when he picked up Maureen Coyle hitchhiking. He tried to force a sexual encounter with her and she fled. Duke later arrived at the Bates Motel where he found Norman Bates was looking for an assistant to work in the motel.

Duke accepted the job. When Maureen Coyle showed up at the hotel Duke apologized for his behaviour. He charged her $5 extra for a room and pocketed the excess.

That evening, Duke met Tracy Venable at a local bar. Venables told him the truth about Norman's past and asked Duke to feed her any information about Norman that might be helpful. Later at the bar, Duke picked up a woman known as Red. They went back to the motel where they had sex. Duke then violently kicked her out of his room and she was murdered by Norman Bates while calling a cab in a phone booth.

Later, Duke discovered that Norman was keeping the "mummified" Emma Spool in his house. Duke took the body to his motel room and when Norman came to find her Duke tried to blackmail Norman. He asked for money to help with the music business. In return, Duke would remain silent about Spool. Norman was enraged and he knocked Duke unconscious and later killed him, dumping his body in the swamp on the Bates property.


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