Ocean View
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Season Season One
Original Air-Date April 15, 2013
Written By Jeff Wadlow
Directed By David Straiton
Episode Chronology
Order in Season 5th of 10
Previous Episode "Trust Me"
Next Episode "The Truth"
Title Image


Norman bails his mother from jail; Dylan proposes that Norman should live with him instead. Shelby gets rid of the evidence incriminating Norma, claiming he loves her. Dylan borrows $5,000 from Ethan, the partner from his new job. A drug addict shoots Ethan, and Dylan rushes him to the hospital. He later runs the drug addict over with his car. Emma and Norman find the girl from Shelby's basement, Jiao, in Summers' abandoned boat, whom they show to Norma. Jiao identifies Shelby as the man who had been assaulting her, shocking Norma.



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