Sam Loomis
Psycho sam loomis
Portrayed By John Gavin
Viggo Mortesen
Austin Nichols
First Appearance Psycho (novel)
Psycho (1960)
Psycho II
Psycho (1998)
Last Appearance Psycho (2016)
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Alive in 1998 film)
Residence Fairvale, California
Cause of Death Unknown
Romances Marion Crane
Lila Crane
Affiliations Sam Loomis Hardware
Daughter(s) Mary Loomis

Sam Loomis was a divorced hardware store owner from Fairvale. His business was appropriately called, Sam Loomis Hardware.

Loomis was in love with Marion Crane and frequently visited her in Phoenix, Arizona. They were first seen finishing up an extramartial affair in a flophouse. Though Sam proposed the idea of marrying her, she was unsure of this move.


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