The Man in Number 9
Series Bates Motel (2013)
Season Season One
Original Air-Date April 29, 2013
Written By Kerry Ehrin
Directed By SJ Clarkson
Episode Chronology
Order in Season 7 of 10
Previous Episode "The Truth"
Next Episode "A Boy and His Dog"
Title Image


Sheriff Romero arrives at the scene but makes up a story that he caught and killed Deputy Shelby in a gun fight. Dylan meets Jake Abernathy, who checks into the motel, as he had Room 9 reserved for a week every two months before Summers sold the motel. Norma hires Emma to work at the motel. Norman grows close to a stray dog, whom he names "Juno". Norman heads to Bradley's house to declare his love for her, only for Bradley to tell Norman they are not meant for each other. Norman witnesses Juno being hit and killed by a car, and is devastated



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